It’s A Good Day To Liquidate

Can Eddy Ackerman, a 35-year-old professed failure, liquidate his own shortfalls while trying to find his success helping failing business owners transition to a new life through liquidation sales?

He inherits a retail furniture business from his deceased father. On the day
the IRS shuts his business down, is the same day his wife walked out on him
and took all his money.

Eddy goes to work for what appears to be a reputable liquidation company,
however, they’re more than they appear to be. He gets caught up in the
criminal world and finds himself in a life-or-death struggle to survive. Can
his father’s past connection to his new boss teach him the true meaning of
success, or will it get him killed.

Eddy’s journey illuminates failure and liquidation are an integral part of
our lives. And like the Phoenix, we rise from the ashes, hopefully in one
piece and better for it.