Lizard Of Transition

On his deathbed, a World War Two veteran, Joe Rubin, confesses to his son that he murdered a Japanese prisoner in the jungles of New Guinea, seventy years ago. In his last hours, Joe enters the world between life and death, known as the world of transition. He tells of his journey, with an odd lizard leading the way, as he recants the tale of the murder prior to his imminent death.

He reveals to his son, Joshua, that he possesses, a Good Luck flag- Hinomaru Yosegaki, that he had taken from the Japanese soldier he murdered on the island of New Guinea during the battle of the Druinimor River. The flag has handwritten messages from the prisoner’s family and friends, which reveals his identity and the village in Japan he came from.

His son, Joshua is under tremendous pressure. He’s separated from his wife, who comes to visit her father-in-law, bringing the two together to face their problems under the gut-wrenching veil of his father’s passing. By attempting to reunite the flag with the son of the soldier his father killed, seventy years ago, will the family find their way forward.

From the wisdom of the ages, and from the Jewish perspective on death and redemption, “Lizard of Transition” shines a light on how understanding death and dying will lead us to live rich and fuller lives.