It’s A Good Day To Liquidate

Originally Posted: March 1, 2023

After retiring from a long career in the home furnishings business, like
many of us, I had a desire to write about an industry that I worked in for
most of my life. I grew up in the business as my father was a
manufacturer’s sales representative and a retail furniture store owner. I
grew up “on the truck,” working in the warehouse and on deliveries
throughout summers and weekends in high school and college.

My mother sold, my two older sisters sold, my brother-in-law worked in
my father’s retail store and did everything. I remember holidays like
Thanksgiving when the family would gather around the table and the first
thing someone would say was, “We won’t talk about the business.”
Everyone agreed until five minutes later, the conversation turned to the
furniture store. 

Throughout my professional career, I worked on the sales floor, owned a
retail business like my father for many years, worked in management for
some of America’s most prestigious retailers. I spent over 25 years
working in the liquidation industry, conducting high impact promotional
events for companies throughout the United States and Canada.

I exposed the structure of a liquidation sale early in the book. I also
wanted to convey what it’s like to be involved in setting up a high impact
liquidation event and what an opening day is like.

The many lessons I learned from my family and the family furniture
business shaped my perspective on life. Many of those lessons I’ve
incorporated inside, “It’s a Good Day to Liquidate,” although the story
came from inside this author’s creative heart and mind. I hope you enjoy
the read and as always , “It’s a Good Day to Liquidate.”